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Community Workshops
Community Workshop 2/17/2015 - 2/20/2015
- Street Alignment Parking Perspectives
- Furnishings
- Plaza Options and Site Analysis
- Main Avenue Vision and Guiding Principles 12/08/2014
- Main Avenue Redesign Comment Form
- February Workshops Presentation
Community Workshop 10/13/2014 - 10/17/2014
- Main Avenue October 2014 Presentation
- Workshop
- Talk Bubbles
- More Talk Bubbles
- Kids Drawings 1
- Kids Drawings 2
- Kids Drawings 3

Project Advisory Committee (PAC)
Main Avenue Area Redesign Project Advisory Committee Members
Project Kickoff - 9/3/2014
Main Avenue Area Redesign Project Information Sheet
Main Avenue Area Redesign Kick-off Summary
Main Avenue Area Redesign Kick-off Report
Main Avenue Area Redesign Kick-off Presentation

Previous Project Posts
Previous Project Posts

The master plan and preliminary design will emerge from extensive community engagement. The project team will hold a workshop series in October 2014, and another series in early 2015. The workshop will involve an interactive process that emphasizes designing with the community and finding common-ground solutions. "We will work with community members and downtown stakeholders to facilitate the visioning process and deliver an exceptional design that honors Twin Falls' heritage and improves the economic health of the downtown area," said Mandi Roberts, project manager of the Otak team. A community advisory committee is being formed to provide additional guidance for the project with members to serve as liaisons to the community.