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As spring turns to summer, the Twin Falls Downtown Renaissance is underway! Demolition activities have already begun for the Downtown Commons (new plaza going in at the Rogerson site) and the new City Hall at the old Banner Building site (corner of Main Avenue and Hansen Street).

Streetscape improvements for the five blocks of Main Avenue from Fairfield to Jerome and on Hansen Street between the 2nd Avenues are currently in final design, with construction anticipated to start in early 2017.

As the schedule for construction nears, more information will be provided about circulation options, where to park during construction, and who to contact with questions. In the meantime, if you would like more information, feel free to contact Mandi Roberts, the Main Avenue/Downtown Commons project manager at 206.949.2741 or mandi.roberts@otak.com.

Outreach and communications will continue through project construction. Josh Palmer (208.735.7312 or jpalmer@tfid.org at the City of Twin Falls is another point of contact.

Special events and programs are being planned. Check www.twinfallsmainavenue.com and the City’s Facebook page for future updates.

See attached order form if you’d like to purchase a brick or multiple bricks for the plaza!

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The Twin Falls Urban Renewal Agency (URA) is revitalizing Downtown Twin Falls. In April 2014, the Agency announced that it would replace and upgrade deteriorating infrastructure, including underground utility lines, streets and sidewalks, and landscaping. The infrastructure replacements will accommodate the needs of current and future businesses, and will enhance the historic district for future development and revitalization.

In August 2014, the URA retained Otak, Inc. to develop a master plan and preliminary design plan for the Main Avenue area. The Main Avenue Area Redesign project built on previous visioning plans to redesign the five-block area along Main Avenue between Fairfield Street and Jerome Street. Other team members involved in the master planning process included J-U-B Engineering (with local Twin Falls Staff), Leland Consulting Group (economic development), and Kittelson Associates (traffic and parking).

This process resulted in the decision to maintain utility main locations in the alley ways because it was determined that this approach would cause the least amount of disruption to existing property owners. In June 2015, the URA moved forward with final design and engineering of utility system replacements within the alley ways of the Main Avenue Area Redesign project. J-U-B Engineering is leading this work, with Gary Haderlie as the primary contact (ghaderlie@jub.com 208.733.2414).

After the URA and the City Council approved the Main Avenue Area master plan and preliminary design in August 2015, the URA moved forward with final design and engineering of the Main Avenue Streetscape and Downtown Commons improvements. Otak, Inc. is leading this work, with Mandi Roberts as the primary contact (mandi.roberts@otak.com 206.949.2741).

Click here for more information about the Main Avenue Streetscape and Downtown Commons Improvements.
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